Invest in a Airbnb chalet

with the designated builder

Site 29

Reserve your site by providing a credit card preapproval of only $500 (which you will not be charged) and agreeing to deposit $5,000 in a notary trust account within 10 days. If the notary doesn’t receive your token payment within 10 days, your reservation will be cancelled and your unit will be released to another buyer.

The price of a lot zoned for short-term rentals on which 2 adjoining cottages can be built is currently $319,000 ($159,500 per unit). Hurry, this price may not last.

An additional amount estimated at $500,000 will be required to order a double cottage from our partner Laprise. This price may vary based on market conditions and the cost and availability of the materials and options you choose. Contact Laprise for more information.

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