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[EN] Canada Is Building The World’s Largest Geothermal Lagoon – Robb Report

[EN] Canada Is Building The World’s Largest Geothermal Lagoon – Robb Report

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Iceland might not be the only country that comes to mind when people think of geothermal lagoons for much longer.

That’s because the developers want to build the world’s largest geothermal lagoon in Canada, according to New Atlas. If all goes as planned, the artificial body of water will be the centerpiece of a spa village made up of hundreds of chalets.

The development, which will be called geoLagon, will be located in the Charlevoix region of Quebec. It is said to span approximately 130,000 square feet, which is 37,000 square feet larger than Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon. The water will be kept at 102 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, which should be especially pleasant in winter, when temperatures are regularly below zero at night.

The geoLagoon will be heated by a “huge Thermos” heating system. The facility uses geothermal, biomass, photovoltaic and solar systems to create heat, which is then stored in a thermal reservoir under the lagoon. The system may even be able to supply power to surrounding areas, but at the very least it will make the project, including the lagoon and surrounding village, fully energy self-sufficient.

“It’s one of the keys to our recipe,” geoLagon CEO Louis Massicotte told the website. “I have a patent pending on this huge thermos under our pool.”

The lagoon will be surrounded by clusters of solar-powered cottages. The project promoters envision geoLagon becoming a tourist destination, so the chalets will be available for short-term rentals. About 80% of them have already been taken over by investors. While the man-made lagoon should be enough to attract most people, the village is located less than an hour north of Quebec. The provincial capital has a vibrant cultural scene, fine cuisine and easy access to a number of outdoor activities, including golf, skiing and whale watching.

The construction of geoLagon will consist of three stages, the first of which will begin in March next year. First, half of the cottages will be built, then the lagoon will be built and then the rest of the cottages will be completed. The whole project is expected to last around 18 months.


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