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[EN] The world’s largest geothermal lagoon is being built in Canada

[EN] The world’s largest geothermal lagoon is being built in Canada

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Canada is about to be home to the world’s largest geothermal lagoon.

It will be surrounded by beautiful chalets, creating one of the most pristine getaway locations in the world.

The open-air lagoon will be heated to a balmy 39 °C all year round by a massive Thermos heating system.

The lagoon, which will be built in Charlevoix, Quebec, is set to be the biggest of its kind in the world.

GeoLagon says it will measure more than 12,000 square meters (130,000 square feet) in size, which is two and a half times as big as a football field.

GeoLagon says the village of chalets surrounding the lagoon will be available to rent as short-term stays, meaning you won’t have to buy one to be lucky enough to stay there.

GeoLagon owner and CEO Louis Massicotte says 80 percent of the chalets have already been pre-sold to investors.

The company says the geothermal lagoon and its surrounding village will be entirely self-sufficient, meaning it won’t require any power from the grid.

In fact, he says it could even become an energy provider.

“There is a strong potential that the geoLagon project will produce more energy than it consumes, which brings the opportunity to provide surplus electricity to the surrounding community,” Massicotte told New Atlas.

The village will be built about 45 minutes from Quebec City, a stone’s throw from golf courses and ski resorts should visitors want to take a day trip.

Massicotte says construction of the project is set to begin this March and be finished within 18 months.

Chalet prices start at $818,000.

And for that price, geoLagon says you will get two adjoining cottages with a connecting door.


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