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[EN] Canada's groundbreaking geothermal solar lagoon receives $140 million investment

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On Monday, Kyotherm announced a new preliminary agreement with geoLagoon, the company behind the world’s largest geothermal and solar lagoon.

According to a press release shared with Daily Hive, the new $140 million investment will contribute to the heat production and distribution facilities of the geoLagoon tourist villages, based on the use of renewable energy.

This includes a heat accumulator to maintain the temperature of the water in its lagoons at 38°C for 12 months of the year, with a guaranteed result.

Kyotherm has been involved in various projects of the sort over the years, most notably, the organization behind the geothermal heat network serving Disneyland Paris. Now, it will finance the construction and organize the operation of the heat production ecosystem of four geoLagoon villages and over 600 dwellings that are set to be built in different areas of Quebec.

In total, Massicotte says the site will be suited to host more than 3,000 people in purchasable chalets (functioning year-round), giant spas, and restaurants.

As for how the lagoons’ self-sufficient energy is generated, Massicotte tells Daily Hive it is a mixture of solar thermal, geothermal, and biomass energy. “We are going to be carbon-neutral from day one,” he explains.

“My goal is to create the very first self-sufficient energy village in the entire world. And now, we are very close.”

Massicotte estimates that the first geoLagoon resort will open by Christmas of 2025.

Read complete article on Daily Hive Canada

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