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About the geoLAGOON villages

We have planned the creation of 4 vacation villages in Quebec. To do so, we have entered into a preliminary private financing agreement of up to $250 million per village. Each village will offer hotel or double-occupancy cottages that investors will be able to purchase from the designated builder and rent on the platforms of their choice, according to the rates and conditions of the project.

They will be able to purchase a condo-cottage (ground floor or upper floor) or an entire cottage.

Rather than building a private pool and spa for each cottage, we have chosen to build a large swimming pool that will be owned and operated by a third party corporation. This one-metre deep pool will be operated in the open air for only 9 hours a day, as an ingenious system will empty it into a sub-tank each evening and refill it the next day to avoid nightly heat loss.

This lagoon will be heated year-round to 38°C thanks to a unique and innovative energy ecosystem based mainly on solar and geothermal energy.

The geoLAGOON attraction at 38°C

An attraction built on the roof of the reservoir building that aims to be carbo neutral thanks to the infinite power of the Sun and Earth's energies

Inspired by the Icelandic Blue Lagoon which was listed in the 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic, we will build a modern and unique lagoon using a patented method that incorporates a water bath model with a sealed and insulated sub-tank that is kept very hot. In this sub-tank, where the heat will be stored, coils will circulate water from the open pond at a controllable rate, as required to maintain the water at 38C.

Contrary to what some may believe, the geoLAGOON, which is inspired by the famous Blue Lagoon pool in Iceland, does not require digging 2,000 metres deep or being located in a vocal zone. Instead, the geoLAGON will be fed by rainwater and will benefit primarily from self-generated renewable energy, with no discharge into the environment. It is therefore important to note that the major differences between the Quebec geoLAGOON and the Blue Lagoon pool in Iceland are fundamental. For example, the geoLAGOON will be in operation less than 9 hours a day, since its pool will be emptied daily by gravity at 9pm into a sub-tank and refilled at noon, which will avoid significant night-time heat loss.

In addition, the geoLAGOON's energy ecosystem will heat its pool by solar energy (31%), shallow geothermal energy (35%) (150 to 200 metres compared to a 2 km deep borehole as in Iceland) and a small contribution (11%) of biomass produced from plant waste. The heat storage tank will provide 23% of the supply.

Finally, it is the electricity from the solar photovoltaic that will power the heat pumps essential to the geothermal system. In other words, the geoLAGOON will offer similar results to the Blue Lagoon by also using natural energy, but with a technology that avoids deep drilling. Most importantly, this ingenious ecosystem can heat or cool the entire village.


Although the national hydro grid will be available on site if needed, one of the keys to generating electricity in the geoLAGOON village concept is that the exterior walls of each village house will be clad with a high-performance solar cladding that incorporates photovoltaic cells (known by the acronym PVIB / Building Integrated Photovoltaics), without compromising on design, and which will provide the electricity needed to heat the tank and its lagoon. And conversely, in an infinite model that can be described as circular, the thermal tank will heat and cool the houses.

After reviewing all the PVIB producers and solar panel manufacturers in the international markets, geoLAGOON chose to enter into a collaborative agreement with MITREX, which operates a unique, state-of-the-art automated factory near Toronto, Canada. Mitrex is the world's largest manufacturer of durable facades. In addition to its Canadian plant, Mitrex has announced plans for a new 400,000 square foot plant in the US to manufacture solar products with a production capacity of 2.5 GW.

Soleils Village: forest chalets powered mainly by solar energy

In certain regions, the first stage of the project will consist of the pre-sale of 150 double chalets in the forest. As soon as the permits are obtained, we will then initiate the deployment of the lagoon, which will be built according to standards similar to a swimming pool without any discharge into the environment, as is the case in Iceland with the Blue Lagoon and the Sky Lagoon, which are in fact large swimming pools. Depending on the location, we will have a private water and wastewater treatment facility or we will connect to the municipal services available.

The construction of the lagoon is conditional on the sale of the 150 plots of land in Soleils Village, which is not really an issue when you analyse the pace of pre-sales over the last few months.

The geoLAGOON will be an aquatic attraction but it will also be a demonstration of the value of the energy provided by the earth and the sun.

Lagon Village:

150 additional rental chalets will surround the lagoon. These will generate a significant amount of energy thanks to their photovoltaic and thermal cladding.

In short, the chalets will be heated with hot air from the lagoon and the lagoon will be heated by geothermal, solar and biomass energy, not to mention hydroelectricity, which will be a complementary alternative if necessary.

As for the water supply, we will recover and filter rainwater and our techniques will greatly limit evaporation in the basin.

Our project aims to become an international example of renewable energy in a self-sufficient carbon-neutral model, which means that thanks to geothermal, solar and biomass, we will produce more energy than we consume.

As far as we know, no other water attraction in Canada can claim to incorporate such a high level of renewable energy use: we are aiming for 100%.

In the 4 targeted regions in Quebec, each geolagon vacation village will be built on land already specifically designated for tourist attractions and accommodation.

Ultimately, we see each community that hosts a geoLAGOON as having the opportunity to support and encourage the use of renewable energy in the attractions industry, an energy-intensive sector that urgently needs viable examples of a new clean model.

Pre-sale of chalets or condos

In each of the 4 regions, we offer two types of rental chalets, factory designed to the standards and needs of our resort villages. When you purchase a cottage, you will have the freedom to rent it on the platforms of your choice, as we do not offer a rental service. However, if you do not wish to manage it yourself, we will appoint a common operator.

Near the lagoon, there will be one or two villages. The main one is Lagon Village, which represents the chalets along the waterfront. These urban-style cottages will be designed in a factory. Their design will be unveiled soon.

Soleils Village represents the possible forest chalets further away from the lagoon. Built in the factory, they have a Scandinavian look and are of high quality.

Depending on the location, you can reserve a planned lot or priority row by providing a credit card pre-authorization of only $500 (this amount will not be charged) and agreeing to pay $5,000 in trust to the notary within 10 days. In the event that the notary does not receive this symbolic payment within 10 days, your reservation will be cancelled and the unit will be offered to another buyer.

Due to market conditions, this estimated price may vary depending on the cost and availability of materials and the options you choose. Details will be available from the appointed builder.

On the lagoon's edge, you can preserve at a projected price of between $599,000 and $1.5M.

A cottage condo will be half of a two-story duplex. This model is also planned as a row in some areas.

The main floor would consist of 3 bedrooms and two shower rooms in addition to the basement with 3 bedrooms and a shower room.

Estimated price starting at $899,000, plus taxes and furniture.

A second floor condo-chalet would have a large terrace and would consist of 3 bedrooms and two shower rooms.

Estimated price starting at $599,000, plus taxes and furniture.

It is still possible, depending on inventory, to pre-book an entire double chalet.

Estimated price from $1,499,000, plus taxes and furniture.

Buyers who had pre-booked a 4 bedroom double chalet in the forest will be offered a 6 bedroom RDC.

Register quickly. Given market conditions, this projected price may vary depending on the cost and availability of materials.

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