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[EN] It is the largest geothermal lagoon in the world. Everyone will be jealous

[EN] It is the largest geothermal lagoon in the world. Everyone will be jealous

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Canada envied Iceland for its famous geothermal spas and decided to create one at her place, geoLagon, which is supposed to be an attraction for tourists who want to relax in warm water outdoors, also in winter, and at the same time admire unbelievable views. The geothermal lagoon planned for the Charlevoix commune is to be the largest of its kind in the world and will consist not only of a “swimming pool” with warm water, but also an energetically self-sufficient summer village with about a hundred houses.

Alone the water reservoir will occupy an area of ​​12 thousand. square meters and will provide a temperature of 39 ℃, allowing residents and tourists to get away a bit from the low temperatures that drop well below freezing in winter. As the originators argue, the water will be heated by an energy ecosystem consisting of geothermal systems, biomass, photovoltaics and solar energy, along with a thermal reservoir under the base of the lagoon for heat storage.

This is one of the key ingredients in our recipe. I have a patent pending for this huge thermos under our pool. There is a good chance that the geoLagon project will produce more energy than it consumes, making it possible to provide surplus electricity to the surrounding community

comments on geoLagon’s owner and CEO, Louis Massicotte, in a statement for New Atlas.

Moreover, the owner argues that in the future, he has a plan that the lagoon and village, incl. thanks to technologies such as heat recovery from wastewater, they have become an energy supplier. The aforementioned huts will also be of importance here, on which the photovoltaic cladding will be used – but at the moment the goal is self-sufficiency.

And it seems that at least a lot of time will pass before the project is implemented, because construction will start in March next year and will take up to 18 monthsthe interest is huge. Louis Massicotte claims that nearly 80 percent. The cottages planned for the village have already been sold to investors, either for personal use or for short-term rental.

And it’s hardly surprising, especially since geoLagon will be located 45 minutes drive from the city of Quebec, where art galleries, golf courses, ski resorts and numerous restaurants await touristsso if they get bored of getting wet, they always have additional attractions on hand.


Lire l'article complet sur UK Daily News 

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