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[EN] Geothermal lagoon project planned about 45 min from Quebec city, Canada

Geothermal lagoon project planned about 45 min from Quebec city, Canada

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A planned project near Quebec City in Canada, plans to establish a touristic center built around a geothermal lagoon modelled on the Icelandic Blue Lagoon.

A tourist development including a lagoon heated by geothermal energy among other things and the construction of 300 rental units partly heated and air-conditioned by solar energy is taking shape 45 minutes from Quebec City, at the gates of the Massif de Charlevoix in the Canadian province of Quebec. Developed in three phases, the GeoLAGON project will require a private investment of CAD 300 million.

The kick off of the project has been confirmed by the developer Louis Massicotte. The GeoLAGON site also announces similar projects in Estrie and the Laurentians. The one in Charlevoix is ??the most ambitious of the three with its 300 units. The presale for the project in the Eastern Townships is well underway even if its location is still not known to investors and the permit applications for that of the Laurentians, in Saint-Adèle, of which all the units would be presold , will be filed “soon”, it says.

The Charlevoix GeoLAGON, in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, near Baie-Saint-Paul, will initially focus on the construction of 150 Airbnb-type double residences. The development of the artificial lagoon will not begin until the initial units are sold and will then be completed by the construction of 150 other chalets.

“The global hotel market is changing with the emergence of proptech platforms. Already, hotels are showing up on Airbnb, VRBO and other sites that allow for longer stays than traditional hotels, which often results in the desirable presence of visitors who telecommute on weekdays, specifies the promoter in a press release. GeoLAGON wants to act with avant-gardism in this movement which will revolutionize tourism.”

The promoter relies on renewable energies for the heating and air conditioning of the residences as well as the open-air lagoon of 120,000 around which the project revolves. There is talk of geothermal energy, solar energy and biomass, but the details of the technologies put in place will be unveiled in the coming months. The lagoon itself will not discharge into the environment, it is specified.

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