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Les villages geoLAGON du Québec et le spécialiste en chaleur renouvelable KYOTHERM annoncent la signature d’un accord préliminaire pour le financement des installations énergétiques de 4 écovillages au Canada

Quebec’s geoLAGOON Villages and renewable heat specialist KYOTHERM announce the signing of a preliminary agreement to finance energy facilities in 4 eco-villages in Canada.

Press release, February 7th, 2023

Under the agreement, KYOTHERM will finance, build and operate (in conjunction with an energy service company) the heat production and distribution facilities of the geoLAGOON tourist villages, based on the use of renewable energy (solar thermal, geothermal and biomass) and a heat accumulator to maintain the temperature of the water in its lagoons at 38°C for twelve months of the year, with a guaranteed result.

(Paris and Quebec City, February 7th, 2023) Mr. Arnaud Susplugas, founder and President of Kyotherm as well as Mr. Louis Massicotte, founder and President of the geo- LAGOON villages, are pleased to announce the signing of a prelim- inary agreement whereby KYO- THERM will finance the construction and organize (with an energy ser- vice company) the operation of the heat production ecosystem of the 4 geoLAGOON villages planned for Quebec (Canada), for an investment of up to CAD 35 million per village.

“We are very pleased to contribute to the development of this Canadian innovation, which stands out due to its 100% reliance on a mix of complementary renewable energy for its thermal needs. Once the detailed technical studies and project development are completed, we will initiate the construction of the energy infrastructure that we will finance, includ- ing the tunnels and networks that will allow the exchange of energy with the homes in the hotel village,” says KYOTHERM President Arnaud Susplugas.

The geoLAGOON village concept is based on the combined use of a solar thermal park, shallow geothermal energy and biomass to provide the villages with renewable and decarbonized energy. The funding will also include the construction of a large heat storage facility in the centre of each village, which in conjunction with all other energy facilities will provide self-sufficient heating or cooling for the 612 (approx.) dwellings in each village, with the storage facility being charged by a combination of renewable heat sources. The heat stored in the accumulator will also be used to heat the chalets, which will also contribute to the energy self-sufficiency of the site through the external solar cladding of each house.

“KYOTHERM’s contribution is a very strong support for us and reinforces our position. Knowing KYOTHERM’s great expertise, I now know that the ecosystem I designed for our geoLAGOONs will materialize to finally create the world’s very first net zero and natural energy self-sufficient village in a unique and infinite exchange model. Our goal remains to formalize the start of construction of the first village before June 21, 2023,” says Louis Massicotte, designer and owner of the geoLAGOON villages.

This preliminary agreement follows the announcement of a world premiere that received international coverage late last summer. In September 2022, an engineering study confirmed that the geoLAGOON villages will be entirely self-sufficient and powered by an entirely renewable and carbon-neutral energy ecosystem. The study even predicted that each geolagoon would have an electricity surplus production that could be offered to Hydro-Québec.

KYOTHERM is an independent investment company specialising in renewable heat and energy efficiency, and winner of the 2019 International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Award for its ESCO model in solar thermal. KYOTHERM finances, builds and then owns and operates (with partners) projects for the production of decarbonised heat and energy savings. Kyotherm’s portfolio spans 11 countries and nearly 120 sites, including the geothermal heat network serving Disneyland Paris and the Villages Nature holiday park, the Issoudun solar thermal project for the Boortmalt Group (France), biomass-fuelled campus heating projects and energy efficiency projects in the US and several European countries.

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geoLAGOON inc. is planning the creation of 4 vacation villages in Quebec, all located near ski and cycling centres in the Char- levoix, Laurentians, Lanaudière and Eastern Townships regions. Each village will include a large 120,000 sq. ft. swimming pool that will be owned and operated by a third party corporation owned by founder Louis Massicotte. This lagoon will be heated year-round to 38°C thanks to a unique, net zero energy ecosystem that harnesses the infinite power of the Sun and Earth’s energies. Each site will offer rental chalets that investors can purchase and rent on the rental platform of their choice. The ex- terior cladding of these cottages, built by a designated developer, will consist of photovoltaic cells that will generate energy.

As well as being a major net zero aquatic attraction, the geoLAGOON will also highlight the value of renewable energy sources such as geothermal, solar and biomass, enhanced by the addition of a heat storage facility.

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